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Conventional FHA VA Jumbo Reverse HELOC Mortgage Loans

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Conventional Loans

Conventional loans in Southern California are available through Summit Lending, a direct mortgage lender and top reviewed mortgage broker based in Orange County, California. Conventional loans are those which are not backed by the federal government (FHA loans) but are instead backed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac (known as Government Sponsored Entities or GSEs).


FHA Loans

Orange County based Summit Lending’s team of top reviewed mortgage brokers specialize in helping California homeowners and home buyers to obtain FHA loans. FHA loans are also known as government loans, because they are those that are issued by federally qualified lenders, and are insured by the U.S. Federal Housing Authority.


VA Loans

VA loans are available for homebuyers or homeowners who have a current VA loan and would like to refinance. Orange County based Summit Lending is proud to offer VA loans to veterans and active duty military members and spouses throughout Southern California. However, to qualify for a VA loan in Southern California, certain requirements must be met.


Jumbo Loans

Jumbo loans are real estate financing loans which exceed the conventional loan limits in California set by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. In some areas in Southern California, such as Riverside County or San Bernardino County, a Jumbo loan may be required for a loan of more than $484,350. In other areas of Southern California, such as Orange County and Los Angeles County, a Jumbo loan will be required for a loan more than $726,525 per the 2019 conforming loan limits set by the Federal Housing Finance Agency.


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