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Fannie Mae Loans in Southern California: How These Government Sponsored Entities Help Homebuyers

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In the real estate business, there’s always a lot of industry talk regarding Fannie Mae, but what exactly does this government institution provide Southern California homeowners? For starters, Fannie Mae is actually called the Federal National Mortgage Association. It’s a government-owned business designed to boost the nation’s housing market by buying mortgages from retail banks, allowing more loan dollars to flow toward the average American.

The point of Fannie Mae? Its number one priority has been to make housing more affordable for everyone, offering a number of assistance programs that function in a variety of ways, including measures like first time homebuyer loans, down payment assistance programs, mortgage assistance programs, refinancing options, and more. Additionally, by buying mortgages from banks, mortgage brokers, and credit unions, Fannie Mae frees up valuable funds to in turn be loaned to more Americans or for alternate loan purposes.

Fannie Mae is also a valuable educational and planning resource for Southern California homebuyers. Its fundamental services help mortgage brokers offer a greater diversity of loan options for Orange County and Southern California residents, from conventional loans to VA loans, and beyond. Moreover, just a quick visit to Fannie Mae’s website provides instructions and information geared toward potential homebuyers who are considering their financing and mortgage options, in addition to offering a roadmap on how to spearhead the home buying process based on your finances and goals. In a competitive housing market like Orange County’s, having a wide array of home loan options to suit a variety of budgets and goals is a necessary and valuable service, making possible the time-honored American dream of homeownership.

Another important attribute of Fannie Mae’s role in the housing market and mortgage industry is its commitment to financing affordable rental options and support programs for low to moderate income families, again increasing the chances that more individuals can afford to buy a home. In an area like Southern California – particularly Orange County – there are a variety of home loan options for buyers of all kinds. No matter what your homeownership goals or loan needs may be, institutions like Fannie Mae provide a meaningful range of options for Orange County homebuyers.

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