Founder and president, Lisa Alley, first stepped into the mortgage business faxing documents in the copy and mailroom of a national lender at the age of 19. By 22, Lisa earned her California Real Estate license, and then her California Real Estate Broker’s license a couple of years later. After seeing and experiencing many aspects of the mortgage field, she decided to take the business into her own hands and into her apartment. With one other partner, a profit started turning over within six months.

In 2005, Lisa decided to fly solo and created Summit Lending. Doors started opening for Lisa, including the doors to a small and secure office. Although often mirrored to the summit peak of a mountain, Summit is the paint color Lisa had chosen for the room where her first step was taken into the mortgage business. Over time, she brought her brother, Scott onto her team to further bring up the name and services of Summit Lending throughout California.


Summit Lending is driven with a desire to help all Southern Californians achieve the dream of owning their own home. The Summit Lending team works to secure the best rates available to select the purchase or refinance loan that best meets your needs, whether you’re a first-time homebuyer, an existing homeowner looking to refinance, or get cash pull-outs, or upgrading to a larger home.